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Calendar of Events

August 07, 2022


Reserve the Date for the Preserve!

August 13, 9am-11am @ South Everett Forest Preserve

Get your morning workout in! Watering, spreading wood chips and continuing the proactive removal of dry and dead debris that would be fuel for a wildfire. more


Quest to Quench!

August 20, 9am-11am @ Hannabrook Park

By now the trees, ferns and many other native plants at Hannabrook are thirsty again! Let's get them through the summer with a final drink of water! If there's time, we will continue with removal of blackberries! more


Evening at Howarth Park

August 24, 6pm-8pm @ Howarth Park

Join us for an evening of forest restoration at upper Howarth Park. We'll be caring for the forest by removing weeds, spreading mulch, and watering our native plantings. more